Employee Counselling

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What is Employee Counselling?

Employee/Workplace counselling can be definedas the provision of brief (up to eight 1-hour sessions) psychological therapy for employees of an organizatio. In 2003 more than 75% of medium and large organizations in Britain offered their employees some kind of workplace counselling.

‘Nearly 3 in every 10 employees will have a mental health problem in any one-year’

Benefits of Employee Counselling


Providing access to free, confidential employee counselling has not only benefits for employees. By offering distressed, unwell employees appropriate help and support employers can fulfil their duty of care, increase the company’s overall performance, decrease health and safety risks and avoid cost arising from absenteeism, presenteeism and compensation claims.

‘Mental health problems account for the loss of over 91 million working days each year’

‘Employee counselling reduces sickness absence rates in organisations by as much as 50%.’

Impact of personal and work-related issues


Some employers think that the counselling provision they are paying for should only be used to address issues directly relating to the employee’s work life. However, while workrelated issues, such as stress, overwork, bullying and collegial conflict, can have a directly impact an employee’s performance, personal issues can have a similar negative impact.

Experiences such as bereavement and loss, relationship and family difficulties, substance misuse and stress at home can impact on peoples’ mood and behaviour, preoccupy their thinking and distract them from work.

Our approach

We take an integrative approach, considering clients’ personal and work life. We work with clients within the frameworks of CBT and Narrative therapy. However, we also provide Systemic therapy in which we consider our client in relationships. In this therapy we look at the interactional pattern and dynamics of the group of which the client is a part.

Shrewsbury Psychology Centre is an independent psychology service based in the centre of Shrewsbury, England. We are professional Clinical and Counselling
Psychologists providing services dedicated to the emotional and relational well-being of children, adult, families and couples.

Why Shrewsbury Psychology Centre?

In comparison to the NHS waiting lists, which are typically around 6 months long for one-to-one services, Shrewsbury Psychology centre offers more timely help and support. Usually we see first time clients within two weeks after contact has been made.

Another benefit of using our services is that we are external to your organisation; therefore, employees are more likely to come forw

Other services offered by Shrewsbury Psychology Centre

Shrewsbury Psychology Centre offers in addition to employee counselling various other services to organisations. We provide consultancy and various training courses and seminars e.g. stress management, building good working relationships and accommodating organisational change.
Shrewsbury Psychology Centre aims to be accessible, reliable and effective. We guarantee that when you consult us you will receive a response that is timely, respectful and informative