Work With Schools and Communities

Our Aims

  • To help staff and parents to identify children in distress and be more skilled at helping children tackle social, emotional and behavioural barriers to learning.
  • To help improve parental engagement and involvement in school.
  • Helping schools seek improvements in behaviour, attendance, punctuality, achievement, relationships and emotional well-being.

What support does Shrewsbury Psychology Centre offer?

Work with Staff – Training and consultation for staff, Reflective Practice Groups
Work with Parents – Parenting courses, Support for parental mental health
Work with Children – Assessments, Individual and group therapy for children
Mediation with all involved parties.


Why Shrewsbury Psychology Centre?


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• We offer a coherent, systemic whole-school approach, instead of fragmented provision.
• We have extensive experience of working in the public sector e.g. CAMHS.
• We specialise in children, families and schools.
• All our staff and associates are qualified and registered with their professional bodies.
• We evaluate all our work and feedback.