Therapy, Counselling and Consultancy Leaflet

Our Aims

“Expertise through experience, help you can rely on that works”

Our Aims We aim to be accessible, reliable and effective and guarantee that when you consult Shrewsbury Psychology Centre you will receive a response that is timely, respectful and informative


Referral routes:

~ Referral by your GP

~ Self-referral

~ Community social worker

~ Schools

~ Clinical commissioning groups

~ Private health care providers

~ soclicitors and family justice courts

Our team of Clinical and Counselling psychologists provides services to address the psychological and mental health needs of children, adults, families and couples.
We are registered with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC), the British Psychology Society (BPS) and are a registered provider to BUPA. We have professional and public liability insurance cover and enhanced DBS checks.

About Shrewsbury Psychology Centre

Shrewsbury Psychology Centre is an independent psychology service based in the centre of Shrewsbury, England.

We are professional Clinical and Counselling Psychologists providing services dedicated to the emotional and relational well-being of children, adult, families and couples.

Our services are based on over 30 years’ NHS experience of building therapeutic relationships.

Why Shrewsbury Psychology Centre?

The high demand for mental health assessments and therapies means that the NHS waiting lists are typically around 6 months long for one-toone services. Shrewsbury Psychology centre offers more timely help and support; usually we see first time clients within two weeks after contact has been made.

Another benefit of Shrewsbury Psychology Centre is that we are flexible in terms of where we offer our sessions. We usually can accommodate to see you in a location of your choice, such as your home, a place of trauma etc.

Our services

We offer consultation, assessment, therapy and training to individuals of all ages, families and couples.

 We offer individual therapy (CBT and Narrative Therapy)

 We offer couples therapy, family therapy and systemic consultation

 We conduct a range of assessments such as assessment of parenting, the psychological effects of trauma and injury and assessment of readiness for engagement in therapy  We run various therapeutic groups including social skills, anxiety and phobias and parenting support groups

 We offer sessions in which we teach and practice relaxation techniques e.g. mindfulness and progressive muscle relaxation

 We hold information sessions on various topics including anxiety, stress, conflict resolution, self-harming behaviour and family court proceedings

Other services offered by Shrewsbury Psychology Centre

Shrewsbury Psychology Centre offers in addition to therapeutic work with individuals, couples and families further services:

-Work with Schools and Communities

– We offer training and consultation for staff and parents

– We offer assessments and individual and group therapy for children

 Work with Organisations

– We offer consultancy and training to all types of organisation e.g. stress management, building good working relationships, accommodating organisational change

– We offer employee counselling

 Legal Work and Mediation

– We offer expert witness assessments and reports in public and private family proceedings and personal injury cases

– We offer Mediation to settle disputes